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Added Nearest section - find with ease things around you. This list will feature more categories so check back. Also, some Points of interest - images are being added as you read this, if you have some photos to share from your voyages, please do - Contact.
Engineers and Module updates
All new engineering data is updated, reworked so they (finally) work from Galaxy menu, where you can find exhaustive list of all engineers, blueprints and modifications.
New feature in Module list, you can now preview resulting engineering modifications from dropdown menu (Example here)
Material Traders
Material Traders added. You can find them in galaxy menu and then select appropriate section from menu on the left (Manufactured, Encoded or Raw)
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Aegis Leader Opposes Salvation
Admiral Aden Tanner has called for Aegis to reject the public inquiry’s shutdown and take direct action against Salvation.
The Musashi, an Aegis Defense megaship under his command, has entered the T Tauri system to challenge Taurus Mining Ventures. The corporation has performed activities on Salvation’s behalf, including preparation for the anti-xeno weapon used to eliminate all Thargoids from the Cornsar system.
Admiral Tanner transmitted this message to media outlets:
“Salvation’s unlicensed weapons technology is deliberately designed to provoke the Thargoids, risking millions of lives. My sources tell me that Hind Mine asteroid base contains evidence of this. I therefore demand that Taurus Mining Ventures allows us access so we can determine the truth.”
Patience Middleton of Taurus Mining Ventures responded:
“We are a legitimate business under contract to a private citizen, whose activities are protected by confidentiality agreements. These threats have no legal standing and are not welcome.”
Admiral Tanner is a highly decorated Federal Navy officer and Aegis’s chief military liaison, having coordinated many combat efforts against the Thargoids. The Musashi’s relocation has been condemned by Aegis leadership, and Tanner has been ordered to depart the T Tauri system.
Colonia Bridge Project Enters Phase Two
Brewer Corporation requests deliveries in the Alcor and Colonia systems for the next phase of the Colonia Bridge project.
A successful initiative in October resulted in the placement of 30 dockable megaships at intervals of several hundred light years, providing services such as refuelling and repairs. The second phase seeks to establish this support for the full route between the core systems and the Colonia region.
A press release from Brewer Corporation stated:
“We are now ready to continue work on the Colonia Bridge, by constructing additional megaships to fill the middle of the planned route. As before, we require shipments of ceramic composites, computer components and thermal cooling units at Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system or Jaques Station in the Colonia system.”
“Should deliveries reach sufficient levels, the top 75% of contributors will be awarded an engineered frame shift drive with increased range and faster boot sequence. Our hope is that this encourages deep space explorers and long-distance haulers to take part in the Colonia Bridge project.”
As an additional reward, the top ten contributors at Alcor and Colonia will be invited to submit naming suggestions for the new megaships. Submissions will be subject to review by the Brewer Corporation board of directors. To ensure a variety of choice, only pilots who have not yet submitted names for the Colonia Bridge megaships will be eligible.
Demands for Federal Rebellion Decline
Many factions have seceded from the Federation in recent months, but recent polls suggest the likelihood of further withdrawals is waning.
The Federal Times published an update on the situation by political correspondent Sofia Trevino:
“Some negative reaction to the Proactive Detection Bureau was anticipated. But it’s unlikely that Congress foresaw nearly forty systems abandoning the Federal Accord, as their governing factions declared independence.”
“Fears that this would spiral into mass rebellion now seem misplaced, however. This is partly thanks to the PDB’s recent role in preventing Jupiter’s Wrath from committing terrorist acts. Although that group is hardly in the NMLA’s league, evidence that communications surveillance can save lives seems to have convinced some Federal citizens to reconsider their opposition.”
“President Hudson’s efforts against the breakaway factions were hailed by his supporters and decried by his opponents. But the Federal Diplomatic Corps remain displeased that Hudson suffered no repercussions for violating diplomatic immunity when attempting to capture Yuri Grom.”
“Shadow President Winters continues to call for the PDB to be shut down to prevent the Federation from becoming an authoritarian police state. But many accuse her rhetoric on civil liberties to have triggered the secessions in the first place.”
“Meanwhile, many Federal factions are carefully observing those who did become independent. Their future success or failure may well determine whether or not this rebellion continues.”
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The surface of a planet can be weakened through external forces like stellar wind, or tidal pressures from the orbits of nearby massive bodies.