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Added Nearest section - find with ease things around you. This list will feature more categories so check back. Also, some Points of interest - images are being added as you read this, if you have some photos to share from your voyages, please do - Contact.
Engineers and Module updates
All new engineering data is updated, reworked so they (finally) work from Galaxy menu, where you can find exhaustive list of all engineers, blueprints and modifications.
New feature in Module list, you can now preview resulting engineering modifications from dropdown menu (Example here)
Material Traders
Material Traders added. You can find them in galaxy menu and then select appropriate section from menu on the left (Manufactured, Encoded or Raw)
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Corporate Split between Mastopolos and Torval
Senator Zemina Torval’s company Torval-Mastopolos Mining has become fully independent from its parent corporation.
The former subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining has officially rebranded itself as Torval Mining Ltd. Zemina Torval is listed as its CEO, with her eldest daughter remaining as operations director. The starport Torval Orbital in the LTT 198 system serves as the company’s headquarters.
Business correspondent Anton Lagorio reported for The Imperial Herald:
“Although Torval Mining Ltd is now an independent company, shares are legally transferable between it and Mastopolos Mining. This has allowed loyal supporters of both Zemina Torval and Gabriella Mastopolos to flock to each other’s banner. As a result, Torval Mining Ltd has acquired many ships, staff and resources from its former parent.”
“There have been assurances that the split was amicable and in line with Imperial traditions of honourable conduct. Constantia Torval has promised customers that mining and transportation services would be maintained to the same high standard.”
“Speculation continues over what caused this unexpected rift between the Torval and Mastopolos families. It seems that Zemina Torval is focusing on providing benefits for her own children and grandchildren, rather than her cousins on the Mastopolos side, but the reason for this change of heart remains unclear.”
Twin Initiatives for Colonia Bridge Project
Delivery campaigns in the Alcor and Colonia systems aim to improve journeys to the distant colonies.
The Colonia Bridge project is being funded by Brewer Corporation, which outlined the details in a press release:
“The Colonia region has great potential for businesses and travellers, but the long voyage can be prohibitive. Brewer Corporation is investing in the transportation infrastructure between the core systems and Colonia, to make crossing those thousands of light years easier.”
“Up to 30 dockable megaships will be placed along the route to Colonia, providing travellers with valuable respite and resources including tritium. These stationary megaships should be operational by the 28th of October, and will mark the completion of the first phase of the three-phase Colonia Bridge project. Its aim is to place dockable megaships every four to five hundred light years working out from the Alcor and Colonia systems.”
“To achieve this, we require large quantities of ceramic composites, computer components and thermal cooling units. These can be delivered to either Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system or Jaques Station in the Colonia system.”
The Colonia Council is subsidising part of the initiative, due to the importance of this enterprise. As a consequence, the commodity requirements for the megaships at Jaques Station are reduced.
Brewer Corporation has confirmed that as well as offering payment for the materials, it will ask the top ten contributors at Alcor and Colonia to submit potential names for the new megaships. Submissions will be subject to review by the Brewer Corporation board of directors.
As an added incentive, there will be temporary discounts on purchasing and outfitting fleet carriers at both Macdonald Settlement and Jacques Station, based on pilots’ contributions.
Yuri Grom Victorious Against Federation
The battle between Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar and EG Union has concluded successfully for Yuri Grom’s forces.
Freelance war correspondent Karleen Troy reported via Vox Galactica:
“For the past week, the Delta Pavonis system has been aflame with ship-to-ship engagements. But despite a fierce effort from Federal auxiliaries, EG Union was able to muster superior numbers.”
“Eventually the Federal flagship, Freedom’s Foundation, was boarded. I picked up comms chatter that described intense fighting before EG Union soldiers overran Federal troops. Since then I’ve learned that Yuri Grom has agreed to let the surviving crewmembers leave, but is claiming the megaship as ‘spoils of war’.”
The following message was sent by Yuri Grom on public channels:
“President Hudson has revealed his true nature as the corrupt heart of the Federation’s rotting carcass. This treachery will not be forgotten.”
Pilots who supported Yuri Grom can collect their rewards from the Indomitable megaship. Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar confirmed that although the Freedom’s Foundation is now under EG Union control, reimbursement for all Commanders who fought for Delta Pavonis Galactic Interstellar will be processed remotely by the 9th of October 3307.
Random Beacon 648 - The Cat's Eye - Pyraleau AA-A H39
This location was recommended by Commander Henry Passionfruit. / I've heard people talk about the Space Cat. Space Cat this, Space Cat that - yeah, yeah. But have they seen it? Have they been caught in its gaze; that colossal Eye staring at you; judging you. I've seen it; and it has seen me. / I was way out; heading for Sagittarius A*, but far off track. I saw a system from afar, blazing in the ultra-violet bands. I locked on and jumped. I came out of the jump, the radiation alarm went nuts! A lethal wash of xrays and gammas was pounding on the shields; but my old Cobra MkIII ?Syntax Error? held together. The scanner sent out its pulse - triple black holes! Three of hte monsters... I could see one straight ahead, bending gravity; but where were the other two? I rolled the Cobra around and there it was! THE EYE OF THE SPACE CAT! I said a prayer to any gods I knew - Buddha, Hendrix, Bastet - I even vowed to serve the Simguru Pranav Antal all my days if I could just get away from that giant alien feline Eye... I must have, because I'm here now. And I know - I KNOW that it's still out there... watching...