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Experimental Weapons and Scanner Added
Added new experimental weapons and utility module data (Experimental under Hardpoint menu and Xeno-Scanner under Utility Mount).
At the moment, those can be purchased in Alcazar's Hope planetary station in Merope.
Ship section improvements
Added new details and data for specific Ships section, reworked Ship sheet.
Module station finder
New feature on module data list. When you set your current location via Market/Station Set Current button, selected module data list will display nearest station/system where you can buy specific module.
New Technology from Aegis
Aegis has expanded its roster of anti-Thargoid technologies with a new device – the decontamination limpet. The device is specifically designed to counter the caustic properties of Thargoid missiles.
“As we know, the Thargoids’ enzyme missiles are particularly dangerous because of the caustic damage they inflict. The decontamination limpet is designed to address this by stripping the corrosive enzymes from a ship’s hull while also performing limited repairs.”
“We have rigorously field tested the device and are confident that it will give pilots a distinct defensive advantage.”
The decontamination limpet can be purchased from planetary bases with military, high-tech, refinery, industrial or extraction-level economies.
Thargoid Assault Continues
Reed's Rest in Merope and Obsidian Orbital in Maia are the latest starports to be targeted by the Thargoids.
Authorities in the affected systems have appealed to independent pilots to deliver foods, water, basic medicines and natural fabrics, and to evacuate civilians from the pertinent starports.
The attack against Obsidian Orbital is likely to dismay the galactic community, as the starport – the result of a community initiative involving thousands of pilots – is seen by many as a symbol of unity.
One Year On
It has now been a year since the Thargoids returned to human-occupied space, and in that time they have become increasingly aggressive, their hostility culminating in starport attacks in the Pleiades Nebula.
Now that the Thargoids’ intentions have been made clear, the question many are asking is “what can we do?”
Outspoken political commentator Daxton Sung offered the following analysis:
“The situation continues to escalate and our leaders continue to offer the same tired platitudes – militaristic bombast from Hudson, noncommittal banalities from Lavigny-Duval and earnest sympathising from Mahon. It’s clear that they have no idea how to counter the Thargoid threat, beyond pumping more money into Aegis’s weapons programme.”
Combat Operation in HIP 17692
Earn rewards by handing in Pilots Federation Combat Bonds at Blackmount Orbital in the HIP 17692 system.
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Rescue Operation in HIP 17692
Earn rewards by delivering Occupied Escape Pods, Damaged Escape Pods, Black Boxes and Personal Effects to the search-and-rescue contact at Blackmount Orbital in the HIP 17692 system.
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Random Beacon 156 - Sorbago Slave Rebellion - Sorbago
In 3300 a slave rebellion was sparked in the Sorbago system. Senator Zemina Torval responded by sending two Majestic Class-Interdictors to "keep the peace", and offered generous payments to those who helped her.