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Material Traders
Material Traders added. You can find them in galaxy menu and then select appropriate section from menu on the left (Manufactured, Encoded or Raw)
Experimental Engineering Data Updated
All new Experimental Engineering data is online.
New engineering data online
All engineering data is updated to reflect changes to Beyond's new system.
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Ulyanov Arrested
Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading exotheologian and an authority on the Far God cult, has been apprehended as a suspected Thargoid sympathiser.
The arrest took place at Dr Ulyanov’s home in the Rana system, where he and his family were taken into custody by the Federal Intelligence Agency. Research materials and computer systems were also removed from the property, according to witnesses.
Professor Siobhan Vogel of the Interstellar Association of Universities registered a formal complaint:
“For Dr Ulyanov’s academic studies to be viewed as evidence that he is some kind of Thargoid agent is utterly ridiculous. This violation of his rights sets a dangerous precedent.”
Federal Intelligence Agency Senior Agent Micah Whitefield gave the following statement:
“When it comes to possible Thargoid allies, we cannot afford to overlook anything. Dr Ulyanov’s involvement with the Far God cult makes him a valid person of interest. We are also investigating the Galactic Interfaith Commune, the Spiritual Freedom Movement and other organisations that have supported Thargoid worshippers.”
Juanita Bishop, whose campaign against the Far God sect has continued to attract popular support, commented:
“This proves that there are Thargoid collaborators among us, in all walks of life. We must root them out before they start murdering innocent people.”
Aisling Duval’s Secret Relationship Revealed
Anti-slavery campaigner Jarl Toredo has disclosed that he and Princess Aisling Duval have been conducting a secret romantic relationship, despite her betrothal to Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester.
Entertainment journalist Solomon Helios gave full details on his programme:
“Following Jarl Toredo’s resignation from Unchain, I offered to tell his side of the story. Although he declined a formal interview, he did disclose that he could no longer bear working alongside Princess Duval.”
“He admitted that he has been romantically involved with the princess since their first meeting several months ago. It seems they both felt it wise to keep the relationship a secret.”
“According to Toredo, the princess claimed not to have any romantic feelings for Ambassador Rochester, and insisted that the marriage was merely a means to advance her political plans. Initially Toredo accepted this, but it seems that after her engagement the princess became unreachable.”
“Toredo says that his and Aisling’s love has been sidelined by her political schemes. Quite simply, he feels betrayed.”
Princess Aisling Duval gave this response to the media:
“I am shocked that my good friend Solomon could believe such lies. It’s obvious that Mr Toredo is being used by those who want rekindle the hostility between the Empire and the Federation. My relationship with Jordan Rochester is entirely genuine.”
Colonia Hydroponics Initiative
Authorities in Colonia have decided to build a state-of-the-art hydroponics facility, due to research projecting a possible food shortage in the region.
Professor Diana VanCleef, a scientific adviser to the Colonia Council, gave the following statement:
“The growing populace of Colonia means we need to provide a reliable and sustainable source of food for the region. We aim to address this by building a new hydroponics facility that will serve Colonia for generations to come.”
The campaign is being run by Colonia Research Division, one of Colonia’s partner organisations, which has asked pilots to deliver the requested mined resources to Templar Barracks in the Randgnid system.
The campaign begins on the 16th of August 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.
Colonia Hydroponics Initiative
Earn rewards by delivering Aquaponic Systems, Water Purifiers and Water to Templar Barracks in the Randgnid system.
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Earn rewards by handing in Bounty Vouchers at Gaiman Port in the Kamici system.
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Random Beacon 577 - HIP 35755 6 C Ice Fumarole - HIP 35755
Icy worlds can have geologies similar to rocky planets, but with different materials like water.