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All new Experimental Engineering data is online.
New engineering data online
All engineering data is updated to reflect changes to Beyond's new system.
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Investor Funds Colonia Shipyards
Renowned billionaire Zachary Rackham, owner of Rackham Capital Investments, has made a sizeable charitable donation to build new shipyards in the Colonia region.
Mr Rackham, known in some circles as ‘Calico Zack’, made this statement:
“If there’s one thing I remember from flying around the galaxy in a second-hand Sidewinder with a leaky life-support module and only fifty credits in my pocket, it’s the thrill of exploration. And Colonia is the embodiment of that spirit, the farthest-flung outpost of civilisation.”
“That’s why I want to support it by funding the development of new shipyards. Every planetary port in the region, bar Colonia Hub, will soon be able to offer pilots the support services they need. It’s my way of celebrating a youth filled with poverty and danger, by giving a boost to the next generation of explorers.”
Bryanna Blanco, a financial journalist for The Federal Times, also published a statement:
“Obviously this is tremendous news for Colonia and all those operating within the region. The timing of Rackham’s donation is curious, however, coming as it does shortly before a company-wide audit. Having such a colossal sum placed beyond the reach of tax officials will certainly help that old pirate – and his crew of accountants – sleep better at night.”
Week in Review
Here are this week’s major stories.
Princess Aisling Duval’s anti-slavery campaign has merged with independent charity Universal Liberty. The rebranded organisation is named Unchain. The former head of Universal Liberty, Jarl Toredo, expressed his delight at the union, while rebuffing questions about his rumoured romantic attachment to Aisling Duval.
Lori Jameson has made a public statement regarding the League of Reparation, which claims to be seeking justice for her ancestor, Commander John Jameson. She denied any connection to the organisation while describing its actions as “misguided, unnecessary and evil”.
Meanwhile, an independent journalist has suggested that the League of Reparation may be responsible for many more deaths than previously suspected, drawing a link between the terrorist organisation and various unsolved homicides. Chief Inspector Kay Kilbride of Alliance Interpol denied that the cold cases had any connection to the League of Reparation.
A new academic article has drawn attention to a fringe religion that worships the Thargoids. The sect, which has no formal name, believes that the Thargoids are heralds of an omnipotent entity called the Far God. Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading expert in exotheology, has published an extensive commentary on the sect.
In other news, Senator Caspian Leopold has launched an initiative to construct a rehabilitation centre for those affected by heightened military action in the core systems. A spokesperson for Senator Leopold said: “An escalation in hostilities from both Thargoid and human parties has left a lot of innocent civilians without food or shelter. Senator Leopold has heard their cries for help, and is building a sanctuary where the safety of refugees can be guaranteed.”
Finally, the competing campaigns from the Lave Radio Network and the Lave Jet Family have come to an end. Both factions received support from independent pilots, to whom generous rewards were promised, but ultimately there could be only one victor.
And those are the main stories this week.
Lori Jameson Denounces Terrorist Organisation
The engineer Lori Jameson has made a public statement regarding the League of Reparation. The terrorist group claims to be seeking justice for the betrayal of her ancestor, the legendary pilot Commander John Jameson.
Her message was recorded at Jameson Memorial and broadcast by several media networks:
“There’s been a lot of speculation about what connection I might have with the so-called League of Reparation, which has murdered a number of people in recent weeks. The answer is none whatsoever. Like all of you, I am sickened by this bizarre form of genealogical terrorism.”
“I’m not prepared to discuss my family in a public forum, but I want everyone to know that I am personally appalled by this, and am doing everything I can to help the authorities.”
“I’m sure that Nexus – whoever or whatever it might be – is listening to this message. So to them I say: stop. These acts of revenge for my great-grandfather are misguided, unnecessary and evil. If you really want to honour his name, you’ll allow us to live in peace without fear.”
Senior Agent Tanya Ramirez, a member of the tri-power taskforce dedicated to stopping the League, added:
“I can confirm that Lori Jameson is cooperating with our investigation. We are completely satisfied that she, her family and her associates are entirely unconnected to the League of Reparation. We hope that her message convinces Nexus to see sense and stop this pointless violence.”
Refugee Centre Initiative
Earn rewards by delivering Cobalt, Semiconductors and Synthetic Fabrics to Biruni Port in the Niflhel system.
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Protecting Traders in Niflhel
Earn rewards by handing in Bounty Vouchers at Biruni Port in the Niflhel system.
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Random Beacon 618 - Tphen Slata C 9 A Ice Geysers - Tphen Slata
Some icy geysers are powerful enough to create rings, such as Saturn's E ring in the Sol system.