Beyond 3.0 Beta 3 Patch Notes
Last beta before release coming soon.

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Experimental Weapons and Scanner Added
Added new experimental weapons and utility module data (Experimental under Hardpoint menu and Xeno-Scanner under Utility Mount).
At the moment, those can be purchased in Alcazar's Hope planetary station in Merope.
Ship section improvements
Added new details and data for specific Ships section, reworked Ship sheet.
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Engineering Data Appeal
Elite Dangerous Beyond Part One is just around the corner! Old engineering data will be completely obsolete - but you Commander can help! You can make screenshots of engineer blueprints, archive those images and email it to, so we can update data as soon as possible. Thank you!
Utopia Initiative Concludes
A spokesperson for the Utopia enclave has announced that its campaign has received the wholehearted support of the galactic community, resulting in a huge influx of deliveries to Chargaff Orbital. The commodities will be used to perform essential maintenance on the Sim-Archive, a repository of digitised memories.
As the campaign drew to a close, Pranav Antal released the following statement:
“Our thanks go to those who supported this campaign, which will help us safeguard the Sim-Archive for at least another century. But while the Archive is of singular importance, it does not represent the limit of our ambitions. It is my hope that we might one day be able to digitise the human consciousness, thereby transcending our physical selves.”
Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Chargaff Orbital in the Airman Di system.
Proactive or Reactive?
As the Thargoids continue to wreak havoc in the Pleiades, questions are being asked about the lack of an effective military response.
Gianna Tachibana, an Imperial Senator based in the Achenar system, offered the following assessment to The Imperial Herald:
“The Pleiades is at risk of becoming a no-go zone, accessible only to the most courageous pilots. The formation of militias of independent pilots has unquestionably had an impact, as has the advantage afforded by Aegis’s ongoing research. But one cannot escape the feeling that humanity is being reactive, rather than proactive.”
“What is needed is a comprehensive military strategy. The time for a coordinated response is now.”
Meanwhile, authorities in a number of systems have reported that sales of Thargoid-themed novelties, including toys and clothing, have skyrocketed in recent weeks. The manufacture of such merchandise has been condemned by many as insensitive.
Ram Tah Campaign Concludes
Ram Tah has announced that the galactic community has responded positively to his appeal for Guardian artefacts, resulting in a large number of deliveries to Felice Dock. The engineer will now subject the artefacts to extensive analysis.
As the campaign drew to a close, Ram Tah issued the following statement:
“My heartfelt thanks go to all those who supported this initiative. I’ve already started work and I should have something to share with you soon.”
Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Felice Dock in the Meene system.
The Bulwark Project
Earn rewards by delivering Robotics, Hardware Diagnostic Sensors and Computer Components to Jahn Dock in the Momoirent system.
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Protecting Traders in Momoirent
Earn rewards by handing in Bounty Vouchers at Jahn Dock in the Momoirent system.
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Random Beacon 381 - Jambin Visitor Beacon - Jambin
Ammonia worlds like this one are rare enough within colonised space that they provide a significant boot to any system's economy.