The star system Hyades Sector FB-N B7-6, which contains Thargoid Titan Taranis, has been surrounded by human forces.

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Titan Taranis destruction yields extensive data for research projects
The recent destruction of Titan Taranis has yielded a significant amount of data that scientists across the galaxy have begun interrogating.
Science correspondent Leon Banerjee summarised for Vox Galactica:
“Research on Titans has been ongoing since their first appearance, and understanding how they function has been considered crucial to humanity’s survival in the Thargoid war.”
“I have spent time with everyone from the smallest private research bodies to the largest corporations in the past few years, and the common anxiety amongst the scientific community is still how little we truly understand about the Titans.”
“What answers does the caustic remnant of Taranis contain? What might have survived the destruction? When the wreckage is safe enough to enter, the additional data to be found there will doubtless benefit humanity in some form.”
Thargoid War Bulletin: Titan Destroyed
Titan Taranis, one of the eight Thargoid motherships, is presumed destroyed after a concerted attack using Guardian nanite torpedoes.
The journalist Jade Sanderlyn published a bulletin via Vox Galactica:
“We’re receiving incredible news from the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system, where independent pilots were supporting Aegis’s assaults against the Titans. The new Guardian nanite torpedoes have proved effective against the Titans’ thermal vents, forcing their hulls to open and vent internal heat. And that has allowed Commanders to target the core of each gigantic ship.”
“What were believed to be Taranis’s death throes were closely observed. A massive release of energy repulsed all ships, followed by further explosions. At present the Titan’s status cannot be verified, due to an intensely corrosive gas cloud that prevents ships from approaching. Aegis is confident, however, that the detonations were fatal.”
“It’s too early to analyse what this means for the ongoing Thargoid war. But this looks like a significant victory, proving that these giants can be toppled after all. As attacks continue against the seven remaining Titans, we will follow these developments closely.”
The Assault on Taranis
Titan Taranis is under siege, taking major damage, and close to presenting a major turning point in the war against the Thargoids. This is an urgent call to all independent pilots to aid in the complete defeat of a Titan.
A recent surge of financial support has allowed Aegis to remove the material requirements for the following key modules:
- The Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser – the key to punching through the maelstrom’s defensive field and reach the centre.
- The Caustic Sink Launcher – a valuable tool to protect ships from the aggressive caustic fog permeating the cloud around the Titan.
This funding originated from numerous groups and individuals following the news about Ram Tah’s Guardian Nanite Torpedo technology being deployed to great effect against Taranis. Aegis wish to express that humanity will be forever grateful to those who risked their lives to make this happen.
Random Beacon 207 - Sirius Industrial - Luyten's Star
Sirius Industrial makes a broad range of bespoke heavy industrial installations for smelting, refining, processing and manufacturing. There are largely automaed and easily assembled on site, using local materials for key elements of the construction where possible. All are centred around large Sirius power reactors - often multiple 100GW units are used in a single plant.