Decoding the Ancient Ruins
Step by step guide by cmdr KorVla

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Material Traders
Material Traders added. You can find them in galaxy menu and then select appropriate section from menu on the left (Manufactured, Encoded or Raw)
Experimental Engineering Data Updated
All new Experimental Engineering data is online.
New engineering data online
All engineering data is updated to reflect changes to Beyond's new system.
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Hunt the League of Reparation
A tri-superpower taskforce has launched a campaign to track down and eliminate members of terrorist group, the League of Reparation.
Captain Niamh Seutonia of the IISS, who is a prominent member of the taskforce, made this announcement:
“With the arrest of Riri McAllister, otherwise known as Nexus, we now hold the main coordinator of the League of Reparation in custody. Furthermore, decrypted information has revealed the location of League strongholds in two separate systems, one in Imperial and one in Federal space.”
“We are determined to eliminate these terrorists before they can wreak any more havoc, but fully expect tough resistance. Therefore we ask the galactic community to provide support in wiping out these dangerous extremists.”
The operation in Zibal will be coordinated by Zibal Power Co. Likewise, military action in Ienpalang will be supported by Ienpalang Corporation.
The campaign begins on the 19th of July 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.
Cobra Wing Campaign Concludes
A spokesperson for the Cobra Wing has announced that its campaign to build a research outpost in the Ebor system has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community. Scores of pilots supported the campaign by delivering commodities to Morris Enterprise and eliminating agitators in Ebor, thereby ensuring the safety of traders.
A spokesperson for the Cobra Wing released the following statement:
“We want to thank all the Commanders who supported this campaign. We hope that the new outpost helps us communicate with our neighbours and achieve peace.”
Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Morris Enterprise in the Ebor system.
Unexploded Nuclear Missile Discovered
A thermonuclear weapon, launched over a thousand years ago during Earth’s Third World War, has been discovered.
The intercontinental ballistic missile was found beneath the Pacific Ocean, during construction of new undersea habitation off the coast of California.
Lieutenant Commander Page Patterson, a munitions-disposal specialist for the Federal Navy, gave this statement:
“The missile was partially embedded in the ocean floor when aqua-engineering teams found it. Erosion of the casing makes identification difficult, but the design is consistent with strategic ordnance of the mid-21st century. Its thermonuclear warhead would have had an explosive yield of 45 megatons.”
“Robotic avatar units have successfully disarmed the missile’s uranium core, so the risk to local populations has been nullified. We are now treating the area for radiation leakage. The remains of the missile will be scrapped.”
Dr Imogen Ryang, a historian specialising in Earth conflicts, observed:
“A variety of relics from World War III, which took place between 2044 and 2055, have been found over the centuries. All nuclear exchanges between nation states were thought to be well documented, so this discovery comes as quite a shock.”
“Although the missile’s origin remains a mystery, its location near the western seaboard suggests two possibilities. Either it was a failed launch from a silo in the United States, or it was an inbound enemy missile that failed to reach its target. In the latter case, it was likely disabled by the USA's defensive laser grid, which combined ground turrets with armed satellites. This was how America avoided a nuclear detonation on its soil during the war, unlike most other continents on Earth.”
Federal Operation against the League of Reparation
Earn rewards by handing in Combat Bonds at Hire Port in the Zibal system.
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Imperial Operation against the League of Reparation
Earn rewards by handing in Combat Bonds at Brundage City in the Ienpalang system.
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Random Beacon 315 - Ejagham Visitor Beacon - Ejagham
This binary icy moon orbiting the outermost gas giant in this star system is considered a romantic hotspot for lovers visiting the system.