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Experimental Weapons and Scanner Added
Added new experimental weapons and utility module data (Experimental under Hardpoint menu and Xeno-Scanner under Utility Mount).
At the moment, those can be purchased in Alcazar's Hope planetary station in Merope.
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Added new details and data for specific Ships section, reworked Ship sheet.
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Thargoid Surveillance Continues
According to Aegis, their operation to monitor Thargoid activity in the Pleiades Nebula has already begun to show results.
Aegis released the following statement on behalf of Admiral Aden Tanner, their chief military liaison:
“The new Eagle Eye installations are a success, they have identified fluctuations in Thargoid transmissions from a number of planet side structures. With the invaluable help of the members of the Pilots Federation we have identified that the new signals are pointing to locations in human space. We believe these to be identifying the location of potential Thargoid attacks and if this is proved to be the case it will be a huge break through and a validation of our work here.
We continue to monitor the Thargoid activity using the Eagle Eye installations in the Pleiades and have confirmed reports that the Eagle Eye installations have detected new signals. We urge all available pilots to investigate these changes to see if we can thwart the Thargoids.”
Non Human Signal Sources in Huveang De
Local security services in the Huveang De system have announced today that there have been no new sightings of Thargoids over the last 24 hours.
The head of local security forces released the following statement:
“We do not know why the Thargoids appeared in our region of space or why they now appear to have left. We can only speculate as to their motives. However we thank all the brave pilots that came to the system to help defend against this potentially catastrophic threat.”
There is speculation that the Thargoids planned to attack the system and were held back by the influx of combat pilots engaging them, while others claim that the Thargoids might be exploring or looking for resources and have simply moved on.
While no one has reported any further sighting in nearby systems, security forces in the region remain on high alert.
The Purge of Socho
Following reports of Thargoid incursions into the core systems, Aegis Core has launched a counter-Thargoid operation in the Socho region.
A spokesperson for Aegis Core gave the following statement to the media:
“The goal is simple: Take out Thargoid vessels, gather up the pieces, and deliver them to Dantec Enterprise. We don’t know as much about the Scouts as we do the Interceptors, so we want to compare materials from both variants and find out what they are made of.”
Aegis Core has appealed to independent pilots to support the operation by destroying Thargoids in Socho and by delivering Bio-Mechanical Conduits, Propulsion Elements and Weapon Parts to Dantec Enterprise. Commanders who participate in the operation will be generously rewarded.
The campaign begins on the 15th of March 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.
The Purge of Socho
Earn rewards by handing in Pilots Federation Combat Bonds at Dantec Enterprise in the Socho system.
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Analysing Thargoid Material
Earn rewards by delivering Bio-Mechanical Conduits, Propulsion Elements and Weapon Parts to Dantec Enterprise in the Socho system.
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Random Beacon 271 - Akualanu Visitor Beacon - Akualanu
The spectacular purple tinged gar giant is a popular destination for tourists in this system.