Tobacco - Where to buy
Produced by: Agriculture
Consumed by: All
A naturally occurring plant whose leaves, when dried and shredded, are a source of nicotine, a mild and expensive organic narcotic. Usually chewed or smoked, and used in ancient rituals. Illegal in many jurisdictions.
Average Buy Price: 4492 Cr
Average Sell Price: 5116 Cr
DistanceStationSystemSupplyBuy Price
10.52 Davies Station  (280 Ls)Epsilon Eridani1574968
10.52 Fortress Cousens  (296 Ls)Epsilon Eridani4534968
11.80 Schneider Relay  (261 Ls)Epsilon Indi138494499
11.80 Mansfield Orbiter  (143 Ls)Epsilon Indi286464727
19.45 Morgue's Mortuary  (2530 Ls)Eta Cassiopeiae8924734
19.45 Angus Manwaring  (809 Ls)Eta Cassiopeiae3120884209
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