Algae - Where to buy
Produced by: Agriculture
Consumed by: Industrial, Military
Algae are a range of biological organisms grown in water. Considered edible and often locally produced to sustain life in many poorer outposts. Usually commercially processed to provide more appetising food stuffs as a constituent of food cartridges for 'chefs' (cheap 3D food printers).
Average Buy Price: 42 Cr
Average Sell Price: 204 Cr
DistanceStationSystemSupplyBuy Price
9.88 Davis Terminal  (546 Ls)Duamta1393375
10.52 Fortress Cousens  (296 Ls)Epsilon Eridani80864259
10.52 Darkes High  (483 Ls)Epsilon Eridani65203859
10.52 Davies Station  (280 Ls)Epsilon Eridani111940759
11.80 London Relay  (684 Ls)Epsilon Indi48750139
11.80 Schneider Relay  (261 Ls)Epsilon Indi596264049
11.80 Perry Depot  (192 Ls)Epsilon Indi26275295
11.80 Mansfield Orbiter  (143 Ls)Epsilon Indi64056374
19.45 Morgue's Mortuary  (2530 Ls)Eta Cassiopeiae2531974
19.45 J.F.Kennedy  (921 Ls)Eta Cassiopeiae941413128
19.45 Angus Manwaring  (809 Ls)Eta Cassiopeiae241121574
21.88 Bresnik Terminal  (11255 Ls)37 Xi Bootis134632893
24.31 Stevenson Base  (943 Ls)Beta Hydri126452174
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