Lepidolite - Where to buy
Produced by: Extraction
Consumed by: Refinery
Lepidolite: chemical formula K(Li,Al,Rb)3(Al,Si)4O10(F,OH)2. A purplish pink phyllosilicate mineral. Source of Lithium once refined.
Average Buy Price: 0 Cr
Average Sell Price: 544 Cr
DistanceStationSystemSupplyBuy Price
4.38 Hutton Orbital  (6783725 Ls)Alpha Centauri67083420
4.38 al-Din Prospect  (7148 Ls)Alpha Centauri5279420
24.31 Black Mausoleum  (4336 Ls)Beta Hydri107313753
24.31 Edmondson High  (245 Ls)Beta Hydri707969564
24.31 Matteucci Enterprise  (447 Ls)Beta Hydri31346564
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