Consumer Technology - Where to buy
Produced by: High-Tech
Consumed by: All except High-Tech
Ever evolving and changing, get on board for the next generation of personal consumer devices. Be the envy of your friends as you show off the latest thing, then get ready to upgrade.
Average Buy Price: 6520 Cr
Average Sell Price: 7094 Cr
DistanceStationSystemSupplyBuy Price
11.10 Magnus Gateway  (783 Ls)EZ Aquarii11396740
19.09 Feynman Terminal  (1360 Ls)Bhritzameno89076741
19.09 Dalton City  (1912 Ls)Bhritzameno218276147
20.19 Napier Hub  (24 Ls)EQ Pegasi111326344
20.19 Merbold Ring  (11 Ls)EQ Pegasi8666664
20.19 Blaha Enterprise  (33 Ls)EQ Pegasi5156649
21.87 Butz Port  (4954 Ls)Carener15616700
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