Robotics - Where to buy
Produced by: High-Tech
Consumed by: Industrial
Robotics are used to perform simple automated tasks or to act as avatars for remotely located humans in hazardous environments. They are also used for repetitive and highly accurate production line tasks.
Average Buy Price: 1648 Cr
Average Sell Price: 2143 Cr
DistanceStationSystemSupplyBuy Price
11.10 Magnus Gateway  (783 Ls)EZ Aquarii738481793
19.09 Feynman Terminal  (1360 Ls)Bhritzameno945821843
19.09 Dalton City  (1912 Ls)Bhritzameno360631830
20.19 Napier Hub  (24 Ls)EQ Pegasi142611724
20.19 Merbold Ring  (11 Ls)EQ Pegasi13561959
20.19 Blaha Enterprise  (33 Ls)EQ Pegasi6241955
21.87 Butz Port  (4954 Ls)Carener20691970
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