A former miner, Selene has a talent for improving a ship's hull defence, although she only offers her services to fellow prospectors. She's rumoured to be the daughter of a rock hermit, but she rarely talks about her childhood. As almost a counterpoint to her secluded upbringing she has gathered a robust and trusted team, mostly fellow ex-prospectors, who work alongside her. Her eccentricity extends to her diet, growing a wide range of exotic vegetables to eat, in a wonderfully natural setting. Develop your relationship with her to discover another engineer.

Home system Kuk
Allegiance Alliance
Discovery Reputation of 3 or more with Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn.
Meeting Require
Unlock Require Provide 100,000Cr worth of Bounty Vouchers.
Reputation Gain Craft modules. Hand in Alliance Bounty Vouchers.