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New Update

Added Community goals on home page

Cargo Tracking

Fleet initial implementation

Forums under-the-hood rework, Quote should work as expected.

Cargo tracking is now connected to engineer updates. 

What this means is that list of upgrades will display availability (marked as green list item highlight) along with number of possible tries on right side.

Of course, this works only on registered accounts. Site will normally display materials and/or data needed for upgrades.

Logs needed!

Next major feature on site will be import of your game logs. I need different logs to test parsing, so email your recent logs to scotty@newlevels.org.

Logs import feature is now available. It gathers raw/manufactured/encoded data and imports them in site database. Of course, it is available to registered users only.

Future additions will feature parsing of all other data (credits, ship loadout, ranks, systems data,...) from logs.


v0.31 bugfixes:

Under-the-hood fixes and updates to forums section.

Fixed journal log import. Now handles properly all material/data imports.

Added ships section with list of all ships with hardpoint/equipment slots as a placeholder for future implementation of module configurator.

So, here it is!

After couple of months of hard work - rewritten, new and improved Scotty is here.

It have same functionality that you are used to, but everything is faster, better organized (under the hood and above), and every existing feature from previous version is improved and polished at some degree. Some of the features are currently disabled (private messaging at the moment), but will be included in next couple of days. This rewrite will enable to add more features at faster pace and make this site an 'all-in-one' resource site for ED.

Biggest addition to this rewrite is Powerplay section. It is based on Trello for Aisling Duval, but have accessibility to ED specific data (station names, pad sizes, distances and more).

If you encounter bugs or have feature request, please don't hesitate to contact me at scotty@newlevels.org

As always, thank you for using Scotty and have fun. See you in the black!

Couple of new additions to commodities list and station data. Commodities now list production/consume economies and stations list import and export commodities.
New feature on site - IntelliED. This is intended to serve as Knowledge Base for all aspects of the game around the web.  If you have interesting link or using something that you like to share with us, send mail to scotty@newlevels.org with brief info on subject.

Added Nearest section - find with ease things around you. This list will feature more categories so check back. Also, some Points of interest - images are being added as you read this, if you have some photos to share from your voyages, please do - Contact us or upload your images to gallery.