Asteroid bases
Location TypeSystemWhere to findDistance to Sol
Ring Mine2MASS J03291977+3124572A21,096.02
Big Pappas BaseAndhrimi
Darwin Resarch FacilityCalifornia Sector BV-Y C71,035.83
Robardin's rockCarcosa22,017.71
Station XCrab Sector DL-Y D97,005.94
Medusa's RockCrescent Sector GW-W C1-85,005.92
Eagle Sector Secure FacilityEagle Sector IR-W D1-1057,006.19
Jack's townFelkan83.61
Iris VacationsFW Cephei1,505.03
Flaming Star Logistics CentreFlaming Star Sector LX-T b3-01,706.90
Elephant's Trunk MineGM Cephei2,702.01
Farsight Expedition BaseHeart Sector IR-V B2-07,502.96
Sisters' RefugeHIP 16813A1309.49
Pirate's LamentHIP 17519260.75
Blackmount OrbitalHIP 17692A4366.50
Witch Head Science CentreHIP 237599891.17
Harvard BaseHIP 83506330.44
Lemmy's RockHIP 96456248.80
Beta SiteJellyfish Sector FB-X C1-55,015.39
Tolagarf's JunkyardKojeara21,998.42
Attenborough's WatchLagoon Sector FW-W D1-122 A 5next to A-ring4,510.91
Greg's legacyLTT 4961111.56
Moore's charmLuchtaine22,013.55
Mammon Monitoring FacilityMammon999.99
Morgan's RockNGC 6188 Sector LC-V C2-284,402.19
Gorgon Research FacilityNGC 7822 Sector BQ-Y D122,805.52
Omega Mining OperationOmega Sector VE-Q B5-155,513.18
Orion Nebula Tourist CentrePMD2009 481,299.53
New GrowthPencil Sector EL-Y D5817.50
New BeginningRosette Sector CQ-Y D595,302.99
Mitzi's DenRuno169.60
Sadr Logistics DepotSadr Region Sector GW-W C1-221,830.59
Hell PortSeagull Sector DL-Y D33,752.86
Base CampSoul Sector EL-Y D77,472.27
Hind MineT TauriA1595.22
Sagan Research CentreThor's Helmet Sector FB-X C1-53,663.63
Observation Post EpsilonTrifid Sector IR-W D1-525,219.03