Rare Commodities (Distance reference system is: Sol)
Rare prices are based upon how far away from the originating system the goods are with a maximum price beginning to plateau around the 160-170 LY range.
Name Category Max Allocation System Station (Pad size) Distance
Aepyornis EggFoods547 CetiGlushko Station (L)122.23 Ly
Aganippe Rush Medicines10AganippeJulian Market (L)46.78 Ly
Alacarakmo Skin Art Consumer Items24AlacarakmoWeyl Gateway (L)179.54 Ly
Albino Quechua Mammoth Meat Foods10QuechuaCrown Ring (L)130.16 Ly
Altairian Skin Consumer Items15AltairSolo Orbiter (L)16.74 Ly
Alya Body Soap Medicines16AlyaMalaspina Gateway (L)101.01 Ly
Anduliga Fire Works Chemicals16AnduligaCelsius Estate (M)138.89 Ly
Any Na Coffee Foods11Any NaLibby Orbital (L)126.46 Ly
Arouca Conventual Sweets Foods12AroucaShipton Orbital (L)105.26 Ly
AZ Cancri Formula 42 Technology8AZ CancriFisher Station (L)50.58 Ly
Azure Milk Foods7LeestiGeorge Lucas (L)111.03 Ly
Baltah Sine Vacuum Krill Foods18Baltah'SineBaltha'Sine Station (L)109.77 Ly
Banki Amphibious Leather Textiles18BankiAntonio de Andrade Vista (L)105.42 Ly
Bast Snake Gin Legal Drugs10BastHart Station (L)53.02 Ly
Belalans Ray Leather Textiles11BelalansBoscovich Ring (L)138.18 Ly
Borasetani Pathogenetics Weapons6BorasetaniKatzenstein Terminal (L)119.12 Ly
Burnham Bile Distillate Legal Drugs16HIP 59533Burnham Beacon (M)141.3 Ly
CD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee Foods12CD-75 661Kirk Dock (L)87.67 Ly
Centauri Mega Gin Legal Drugs7Alpha CentauriHutton Orbital (M)4.38 Ly
Ceremonial Heike Tea Foods8HeikeBrunel City (L)126.02 Ly
Ceti Rabbits Foods1247 CetiKaufmanis Hub (L)122.23 Ly
Chameleon Cloth Textiles7LDS 883Smith Reserve (L)76.65 Ly
Chateau De Aegaeon Legal Drugs14AegaeonSchweickart Station (L)79.55 Ly
Cherbones Blood Crystals Metals48CherbonesChalker Landing (M)86.33 Ly
Chi Eridani Marine Paste Foods18Chi EridaniSteve Masters (L)58.23 Ly
Coquim Spongiform Victuals Foods20CoquimHirayama Installation (L)91.24 Ly
Crom Silver Fesh Legal Drugs17CromChorel Survey (M)56.46 Ly
Crystalline Spheres Salvage12BentoSnow Moon (L)35.19 Ly
Damna Carapaces Textiles15DamnaNemere Market (L)130.77 Ly
Delta Phoenicis Palms Chemicals17Delta PhoenicisTrading Post (L)142.13 Ly
Deuringas Truffles Foods7DeuringasShukor Hub (L)141.98 Ly
Diso Ma Corn Foods15DisoShifnalport (L)112.2 Ly
Eden Apples Of Aerial Foods7AerialAndrade Legacy (L)144.06 Ly
Eleu Thermals Consumer Items13EleuFinney Dock (L)113.75 Ly
Eranin Pearl Whiskey Legal Drugs8EraninAzeban City (L)43.1 Ly
Eshu Umbrellas Consumer Items9EshuShajn Terminal (L)275.61 Ly
Esuseku Caviar Foods10EsusekuSavinykh Orbital (L)113.8 Ly
Ethgreze Tea Buds Foods7EthgrezeBloch Station (L)81.87 Ly
Fujin Tea Foods10FujinFuten Spaceport (L)66.66 Ly
Galactic Travel Guides Salvage10LHS 3447Bluford Orbital (L)71.04 Ly
Geawen Dance Dust Legal Drugs23GeawenObruchev Legacy (M)174.17 Ly
Gerasian Gueuze Beer Legal Drugs27GerasYurchikhin Port (L)58.25 Ly
Giant Irukama Snails Foods16IrukamaBlaauw City (L)183.85 Ly
Giant Verrix Machinery6PhiagreGreeboski's Outpost (L)107.71 Ly
Gilya Signature Weapons Weapons9GilyaBell Orbital (L)94.72 Ly
Goman Yaupon Coffee Foods16GomanGustav Sporer Port (L)232.17 Ly
Haidne Black Brew Foods14HaidenSearfoss Enterprise (L)149.26 Ly
Havasupai Dream Catcher Consumer Items2HavasupaiLovelace Port (L)123.84 Ly
Helvetitj Pearls Foods6HelvetitjFriend Orbital (L)103.77 Ly
HIP 10175 Bush Meat Foods13HIP 10175Stefanyshyn-Piper Station (L)133.71 Ly
HIP 118311 Swarm Weapons0HIP 118311Lubbock Market (L)127.82 Ly
HIP Organophosphates Chemicals17HIP 80364Stasheff Colony (L)138.62 Ly
HIP Proto-Squid Foods14HIP 41181Andersson Station (L)129.29 Ly
Holva Duelling Blades Weapons0HolvaKreutz Orbital (L)185.57 Ly
Honesty Pills Medicines13LP 375-25King Gateway (L)61.51 Ly
HR 7221 Wheat Foods16HR 7221Veron City (L)121.93 Ly
Indi Bourbon Legal Drugs16Epsilon IndiMansfield Orbiter (L)11.8 Ly
Jaques Quinentian Still Consumer Items26ColoniaJaques Station (L)22000.47 Ly
Jaradharre Puzzle Box Consumer Items4JaradharreGohar Station (L)72.26 Ly
Jaroua Rice Foods18JarouaMcCool City (L)194.5 Ly
Jotun Mookah Textiles10JotunIcelock (L)122.14 Ly
Kachirigin Filter Leeches Medicines10KachiriginNowak Orbital (L)131.35 Ly
Kamitra Cigars Legal Drugs33KamitraHammel Terminal (L)194.28 Ly
Kamorin Historic Weapons Weapons10KamorinGodwin Vision (L)155.06 Ly
Karetii Couture Consumer Items5KaretiiSinclair Platform (M)154.47 Ly
Karsuki Locusts Foods18Karsuki TiWest Market (L)223.11 Ly
Kinago Violins Consumer Items3KinagoFozard Ring (L)164.67 Ly
Kongga Ale Legal Drugs16KonggaLaplace Ring (L)136.89 Ly
Koro Kung Pellets Chemicals20Korro KungLonchakov Orbital (L)101.74 Ly
Lavian Brandy Legal Drugs12LaveLave Station (L)114.54 Ly
Leathery Eggs Consumer Items1ZaonceRidley Scott (L)117.02 Ly
Leestian Evil Juice Legal Drugs14LeestiGeorge Lucas (L)111.03 Ly
Live Hecate Sea Worms Foods13HecateRJH1972 (L)75.68 Ly
LTT Hypersweet Foods19LTT 9360Smeaton Orbital (L)68.29 Ly
Lucan Onion Head Legal Drugs8TanmarkCassie-L-Peia (L)83.5 Ly
Master Chefs Slavery13NotiWeber Gateway (L)89.6 Ly
Mechucos High Tea Foods12MechucosBrandenstein Port (M)104.76 Ly
Medb Starlube Chemicals18MedbVela Dock (L)41.65 Ly
Mokojing Beast Feast Foods7MokojingNoli Terminal (L)93.79 Ly
Momus Bog Spaniel Consumer Items7Momus ReachTartarus Point (L)95.67 Ly
Motrona Experience Jelly Legal Drugs11Dea MotronaPinzon Dock (M)70.38 Ly
Mukusubii Chitin-Os Foods15MukusubiiLedyard Dock (L)167.28 Ly
Mulachi Giant Fungus Foods22MulachiClark Terminal (L)36.93 Ly
Neritus Berries Foods13NeritusToll Ring (M)81.55 Ly
Ngadandari Fire Opals Metals6NgadandariNapier Terminal (M)146.4 Ly
Nguna Modern Antiques Consumer Items4NgunaBiggle Hub (L)161.55 Ly
Njangari Saddles Consumer Items13NjangariLee Hub (L)215.47 Ly
Non Euclidian Exotanks Machinery16LTT 8517Euclid Terminal (M)76.7 Ly
Ochoeng Chillies Foods14OchoengRoddenberry Gateway (L)139.24 Ly
Onion Head Legal Drugs8Kappa FornacisHarvestport (L)71.63 Ly
Onionhead Alpha Strain Legal Drugs6XelabaraNavigator Market (L)122.93 Ly
Onionhead Beta Strain Legal Drugs10HIP 112974la Cosa City (L)127.73 Ly
Ophiuch Exino Artefacts Consumer Items736 OphiuchiKatzenstein Dock (L)19.34 Ly
Orrerian Vicious Brew Foods16OrrereSharon Lee Free Market (L)114.05 Ly
Pantaa Prayer Sticks Medicines15George PantazisZamka Platform (L)24.59 Ly
Pavonis Ear Grubs Legal Drugs24Delta PavonisHooper Relay (L)19.93 Ly
Personal Gifts Salvage20NjambalbaFrost Dock (M)156.02 Ly
Rajukru Multi-Stoves Consumer Items17RajukruSnyder Terminal (L)173.18 Ly
Rapa Bao Snake Skins Textiles11Rapa BaoFlagg Gateway (L)193.44 Ly
Rusani Old Smokey Legal Drugs10RusaniFernandes Market (L)119.56 Ly
Sanuma Decorative Meat Foods24SanumaDunyach Gateway (L)183.2 Ly
Shans Charis Orchid Consumer Items7ArqueBaird Gateway (L)98.02 Ly
Soontill Relics Consumer Items5NguriiCheranovsky City (L)195.2 Ly
Sothis Crystalline Gold Metals20SothisNewholm Station (L)494.49 Ly
Tanmark Tranquil Tea Foods9TanmarkCassie-L-Peia (L)83.5 Ly
Tarach Spice Legal Drugs12Tarach TorTranquillity (L)84.53 Ly
Tauri Chimes Consumer Items17Tarach TorTranquillity (L)84.53 Ly
Terra Mater Blood Bores Medicines5Terra MaterGR8Minds (L)69.73 Ly
The Hutton Mug Consumer Items30Alpha CentauriHutton Orbital (M)4.38 Ly
Thrutis Cream Legal Drugs11ThrutisKingsbury Dock (L)120.89 Ly
Tiolce Waste2Paste Units Consumer Items13TiolceGordon Terminal (L)44.14 Ly
Toxandji Virocide Chemicals14ToxandjiTsunenaga Orbital (L)167.14 Ly
Ultra-Compact Processor Consumer Items117 LyraeLangford Enterprise (L)135.62 Ly
Uszaian Tree Grub Foods14UszaaGuest Installation (L)112.71 Ly
Utgaroar Millennial Eggs Foods15UtgaroarFort Klarix (L)102.9 Ly
Uzumoku Low-G Wings Consumer Items8UzumokuSverdrup Ring (L)121.07 Ly
V Herculis Body Rub Medicines10V1090 HerculisKaku Plant (M)59.71 Ly
Vanayequi Ceratomorpha Fur Textiles10VanayequiClauss Hub (L)133.24 Ly
Vega Slimweed Medicines28VegaTaylor City (L)25.04 Ly
Vidavantian Lace Consumer Items0VidavantaLee Mines (M)122.74 Ly
Void Extract Coffee Foods13LFT 1421Ehrlich Orbital (L)50.7 Ly
Volkhab Bee Drones Machinery6VolkhabVernadsky Dock (L)172.53 Ly
Waters Of Shintara Medicines6Shinrarta DezhraJameson Memorial (L)64.43 Ly
Wheemete Wheat Cakes Foods19WheemeteEisinga Enterprise (L)241.03 Ly
Witchhaul Kobe Beef Foods10WitchhaulHornby Terminal (L)85 Ly
Wolf Fesh Legal Drugs13Wolf 1301Saunders's Dive (L)88.02 Ly
Wulpa Hyperbore Systems Machinery10WulpaWilliams Gateway (L)173.57 Ly
Wuthielo Ku Froth Legal Drugs17Wuthielo KuTarter Dock (L)202.32 Ly
Xihe Biomorphic Companions Technology30XiheZhen Dock (L)52.91 Ly
Yaso Kondi Leaf Legal Drugs5Yaso KondiWheeler Market (L)175.98 Ly
Zeessze Ant Grub GlueConsumer Items0ZeesszeNicollier Hanger24.64 Ly